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Collin's Mom

"As a parent of a child with mild cerebral palsy and an Occupational Therapist, I have looked at numerous facilities and activities trying to find the best program for my son. I was looking for something that would help improve his attention, muscle strength, coordination and most of all his confidence. Before Shelby Martial Arts my son had difficulties with attention in class, reading and overall coordination. After four months of combining Brain Gym and Choi Kwon Do I began to see noticeable improvements in all areas! His teacher reported improved attention in the class room stating she had no concerns at all with attention. He no longer goes to physical therapy and both his doctor and physical therapist stated they were surprised at how well he was maintaining his strength and coordination. Finally and most importantly is confidence in himself has improved greatly. Shelby Martial Arts treats each student like family, setting them up for success in a non-competitive atmosphere."

Heather T

"Since Jeremy began taking Choi Kwan Do, I have noticed truly remarkable changes in his anxiety level, self-confidence, impulse control, focus, concentration and even his sense of self-worth. All of these changes began within 2 weeks of signing up and have become even more pronounced over the 6 months we have been attending classes at Shelby Martial Arts Academy! Jeremy would usually exhibit extreme amounts of anxiety around the start of the school year as early as July. It is now the end of August and I have seen nothing of that behavior! I cannot stress enough the amount of positive changes in every area of Jeremy's behavior due entirely to joining Shelby Martial Arts Academy."

Daniel G.

"My kids and I have been taking lessons at Shelby Martial Arts Academy for 3 months. I couldn't see myself sitting for an hour for each of the lessons that my kids were in, so I joined in. It is a great workout and I learn to defend myself, all while having fun doing it. The staff is friendly and helpful. They all know the material very well and are equally able to teach Choi Kwan Do. I have also joined in for Aikido classes, and I can say the same for the teachers for it."

Lori C.

"My twin boys who are nearly 9 years old were born prematurely at 25 weeks. As a result, both have significant motor and gross motor developmental delays. In addition, both boys have ADHD and struggle to focus and stay on task at home or in school. However, their ability to pay attention on their school work has improved drastically since they started working with Richard Bole and his staff at Shelby Martial Arts Academy. In the span of about 6 months, they have gone from children who needed multiple reminders and significant redirection to children who are far more independent, able to follow directions, and complete tasks with minimal reminders. All of this progress and success is due, in very large part to the Brain Gym and martial arts instruction and guidance they have received from the capable, caring folks who have taught and nurtured them. Not only have the boys improved academically, but also they have advanced significantly in their gross motor skills. Especially, one boy can now almost ride his bike without training wheels and the other boy is much more content and is even willing to get on a bike. Everyone at SMAA is very professional and attentive. They truly care about the kids and eagerly celebrate their accomplishments.
We are so lucky to have found them!"

Janet A.

"Brain Gym class at Center for Learning Through Rhythm and Movement has been a wonderful experience for my six-year-old daughter. After only a few weeks there has been significant changes in her focus, attention, and temperament. Her fine motor skills have improved, and she has made significant progress in her ability to express herself. Her body is now more relaxed; she melts into me when we hug instead of holding herself rigid or hugging too tightly. My daughter was born in China and spent the first year of her life in an orphanage. With very limited caretakers, she was extremely neglected and received almost no physical or mental stimulation. She came home with severe developmental delays. Although there was profound progress initially, there were many areas that she just couldn't conquer. She seemed bright and eager but had difficulty processing information and even more difficulty recalling it on demand. It seemed the wiring in her brain was all mixed up. I was very discouraged and didn't know where to turn for help. The School recommended a special education classroom. A private therapist recommended years of expensive therapy. The neurologist recommended medication. On a whim I decided to give Brain Gym a try. I was amazed at the immediate improvement. The exercises are easy and fun and the rest of the family can participate in the daily exercises. The more faithful we are about keeping a daily routine, the more consistent her progress is. It would be misleading to claim Brain Gym has solved all of her problems, but it has definitely given us the hope we need and I'm sure will be a solid stepping stone to help her overcome many of her struggles."

Cherry C.

"Since starting Brain Gym and Bal-A-Vis-X, my oldest daughter's tennis game, my youngest daughter's ice skating and my guitar playing has all improved. The immediate results of Brain Gym and BAL-A-Vis-X are amazing."

Shelby-Utica Patch

"It's really helped him build up his confidence, self control, and his attention. It's also made him calmer. He enjoys going and being around the other kids. They are great role models for him." To read more of the article published in Shelby-Utica Patch, click here."

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