Welcome to Center for Learning Through Rhythm and Movement

The Center for Learning Through Rhythm and Movement is located in the Shelby Martial Arts Academy at 50400 Schoenherr Road, Shelby Township, Michigan 48315.

The Center is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Its purpose is to provide a welcoming place for home schooled special needs and non-special needs children; to help improve individual executive function, self-control, and focus through Brain Gym ®, Bal-A-Vis-X and Martial Arts; to develop family support services for families with special needs children; and to promote lasting friendships.
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Painting from the Heart Fundraiser at Painting with a Twist

We hope you all enjoyed painting at Painting with a Twist for our charity function. We were able to raise over $400.00 to go towards tuition for our Brain Gym program for a family in need. Your continued support and awareness is appreciated.

Brain Gym 101 - Certified Brain Gym ® Instruction

Brain Gym ® is a collection of 26 specific exercises that are known to improve focus, memory, learning, coordination, emotional stability, self-responsibility, organization skills, and attitude. This program has been established since 1987 and is used in over 87 countries. Richard Bole and Carylee Kensler are certified Brain Gym ® instructors available right here in Shelby Township, MI. Being certified allows the instructor to give Brain Gym 101 courses that are a first step for others to become certified themselves. See the Brain Gym ® website for more great info on this wonderful program. Braingym.org

Emergency Preparedness and Healthy Eating for Charity

CLTRM raises awareness and funds for those who may need assistance with their tuition. So far we've raised enough money to help a handful of families and would like our outreach to go further.

Michigan Gear Up

At Michigan Gear Up, you can buy martial arts gear, and anything else you may purchase at The Center. Support a worthy cause by going to http://www.michigangearup.com/

Go Foods

At Go Foods, you can purchase healthy snacks that may be gluten free for those of us who have sensitive stomachs. Research has proven that certain foods and diets can contribute to ill behavior, and healthy food choices and diet can make a family happier and calmer. The better quality of food and snacks we eat, the better we are prepared to meet every day challenges. You can purchase beverages, breakfast, bakery, soups and more and be sure that it is healthy for your family. When you see the The Nutriversal Seal of Approval you know your product is sodium balanced, cholesterol free, date-stamped for quality, enriched complex carbs, excellent source of whole grains, gluten free, good source of fiber, irradiation free, kosher, lactose free, long shelf-life stability, made in the USA, natural, no added MSG, no hydrogenated oil, no trans-fat, not genetically modified, oxygen free packaging, quick fix, soy free, and vegetarian! Click on the link "Nutriversal" for each individual product you are viewing to see which of these categories the specific food contains (or doesn't contain). You can place your order directly at the web link Go Foods and the proceeds will come directly to CLTRM.

Guardian Survival

At Guardian Survival, you can purchase high quality emergency preparedness kits and prepare you family the best you can in the case of emergency.
Keep your family safe and healthy by supporting us in our mission. You can purchase kits for camping, hunting, hiking, the car, classroom lock-downs, and pets (cats and dogs). Please see our catalogue and place your orders at Shelby Martial Arts Academy

Carylee Kensler Great Presentation at Filippa's

Carylee Kensler - CLTRM spoke at Kiwanis on August 8 and the crowd was inspired learning about Brain Gym and the Center so much so that two Kiwanis members donated three scholarships for summer camp in August. This will help prepare kids for school in the fall. Thank you to Kiwanis members and we look forward to a partnership in the future.

CLTRM at OUCares Family Fun Day, Autism Awareness Night Sponsored by Girl Scout Troop 30193, and Autism Society Event at St. Ephrem Church

Thank you for stopping by! We had a wonderful time meeting new people and seeing old friends at our booth. Feel free to call with any additional questions and to schedule a free one-on-one consultation.

CLTRM at OUCares Family Fun Day. It was especially exciting to meet Mrs. Michigan America 2013.

OUCares Family Fun Day OUCares Family Fun Day OUCares Family Fun Day OUCares Family Fun Day OUCares Family Fun Day OUCares Family Fun Day

CLTRM at Autism Awareness Night Sponsored by Girl Scout Troop 30193 at L'Anse Creuse Middle School North

Girl Scout Autism Awareness Night Girl Scout Autism Awareness Night Girl Scout Autism Awareness Night Girl Scout Autism Awareness Night Girl Scout Autism Awareness Night Girl Scout Autism Awareness Night

CLTRM at the Autism Society Event at St. Ephrem Church

AutismSociety AutismSociety AutismSociety

Easier Way to Sign Up

We have made it easier to sign up for private Brain Gym ® sessions. Choose an available time slot below then log in with your password provided by CLTRM to reserve it. You have the choice to pay for 1 session for $25, buy a 5 session punch card, or use your punch card. If you need to cancel, please let us know at least 24hrs in advance so you do not lose that session. If you need any help with the process stop in or call us at (586) 566-8883.

Dominance Profile

Free Evaluation: Learn about your individual dominance profile. Are you right brained or left brained? Do you think logically and in chronological order, or do you think in feelings and emotions, forgetting sometimes to back-fill some of the stories you are telling? Sign up for a free dominance profile and see if you are Gestalt or Logical! See us in Shelby-Utica Patch.

Join Us for our Monthly Brain Tune-up

Typically 3rd Saturday of every month. See Calendar to Verify Dates and Times
Can you or your child:
* use more focus?
* finish timed tests on target?
* do math, writing or reading without difficulty?
* play sports with balance and eye-hand coordination?
We are holding a two hour event for those who seek to improve how their brains connect with their bodies. These exercises are fun while training the brain to function as a whole unit in an integrated way. After this session, you can sign up for a free tracking evaluation. This evaluation will allow us to give you a personalized menu of moves that fit your own individual needs. We use Brain Gym ®, Bal-A-Vis-X, and Martial Arts exercises to help everyone become all they can be. Please call us for a free profile evaluation. We have a licensed Brain Gym ® instructor on staff and one of our volunteers have been trained in Bal-A-Vis-X by the founder, Bill Hubert. We welcome ADD, ADHD and all autistic children.